Treatment of Freckle / Blemish in Change Clinic


Skin troubles are caused by various reasons such as ultraviolet rays, heredity, stress, etc. Also, the balance can be broken by the function of internal organs deterioration. The best solution for your skin not like others! Change will help you.


  • A differentiated program for skin condition will have a powerful effective treatment than simple treatment!
  • Customized program with the latest laser equipment proven to be safety!
  • From counseling to follow-up service! Direct management service by professional medical staff!

Interval of Procedure

You may do a reservation

beforeyou come and the

interval is usually 1~2 weeks

Procedure Time

It will be processed

for about an hour and

call the hospital for

more and information and

we will kindly guide you.

Number of Procedures

Depending on the

skin’s condition

range and it will be

processed 5~10 times.


Please make sure you keep these rules!

  • After the laser procedure, it’s better not to touch the water.
  • Always put sun cream where ever you are!
  • Avoid think make-ups and strenuous exercise!