Legato is when RF has gone through the needle and as soon as the nitrogen meets in the air which the 4th element will occur and that is a plasma.  By that, it will create a series of channels on the surface of the skin. Around the channel area, remodeling of the collagen will occur through the regeneration process. In addition, impact ultrasound can be used to deliver drugs deep into the skin and evenly distribute the delivered substances.


Body Tight

Body tight uses 2 internal and external high-frequency electrodes to tighten the external skin and generate 60~70 degrees of the head inside. And it will bring the tightening effect on the skin. Also, it is effective on people who have no elasticity skin due to old age and this will effect with collagen synthesis and fiber regeneration




Accusculpt laser will coagulate the stretched mark and normal tissues stimulated by normal dermal tissue are used to remove stretch marks in a manner that reduces stretch tissue. In addition, accusculpt stimulates the collagen of the skin’s dermis to regenerate the elasticity of the skin.




Revoluxel protects the epidermal layer of the skin through proper energy infiltration which can control the depth and transfer the energy to the dermis layer. By increasing the collagen synthesis, it is effective on regenerating the aged skin and it can improve on the wrinkles, pigment disease, scar of acnes and so on.




It is effective on various types of treatments of skin diseases such as redness of acnes, extension of capillaries, pigment diseases, etc. which is used by the wavelength of 500~600 nm and a wider range than the existing IPL. This is high-tech equipment.




INTRAcel is equipment can treat sensitive parts such as around the eyes. It is for procedures such as wrinkles around the eyes or removes the wrinkles around the wrinkles from thin skin of the neck.



PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) autologous blood growth factor

PRP is a method of injecting in the area where it’s needed. It is to inject the separated PRP from your own blood and help the skin to regenerate. It is a method of collecting your own blood and literally putting the blood in your blood after centrifuging to separate the platelet and activated platelets.

From old stretch marks to sudden stretch marks can be solved!

The early stretch marks can appear as a red colored line or a band around the skin and this is called a red stretch marks. If you look carefully and touch the skin, it is sunken a little bit than the other ordinary skin and it can feel bumpy. These red stretched marks will slowly turn into a purple color and in the end, when time passes by, it will turn into a wrinkle with white color.


The Skin Healing System of Legato in Change clinic!

The Skin Healing System of Legato in Change clinic is a completely different system from the existing skin treatment. It is a first system that penetrates the skin without injecting the drug. We put the anesthetic cream on the area where there is a procedure and it will reduce the pain. After 4~5 days of the procedure, it will not interfere the daily life.  It is suitable to busy workers or people who don’t have enough time.


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