Ulthera is procedure of using ultrasonic waves and form a collagen.

After diagnosing the skin through the ultrasonic waves by image equipment, the incision will not be needed and use a strong ultrasonic wave to give heat in the deep skin. It is a surgery to correct the reason of skin droopiness which is SMAS (polaroplast).




KDFA has got the highest 4 ratings which is the safest. It is a lifting procedure using the safest Fine Thread from PDO.

Using an absorbing thread called FT(Fine Thread) which is inserted in a certain direction to form a vector between FTs, so the lifting a desired direction and collagen of dermis layer to increase the line and form the skin elasticity which can be felt.



Mint Lifting

The most advanced 5th generation of lifting PDO thread with patented molding method

It is a PDO thread which has already got approved by American FDA and MFDS. It is for fixation of minimally invasive facial tissue of molding type which is decomposed in the body. It can eliminate the droopy cheek and deep wrinkles which can have a high expectation and minimally invasive therapy is simple with no scarring so it is quick to return to daily life.


          Change Clinic’s Lifting Point!


Before & After


Change’s procedure is made from scientific skin diagnosis!


It is possible to analyze the depth of the skin especially through the close up digital photographing of 15 million pixels. These 3 kinds of lights are performed precisely to measure the entire face which is general light, polarized light and ultraviolet light


In addition to analysis, all diagnoses are compared by age and gender.