I have seen people who had liposuction for more than 10 years. What I have been feeling for a while is that many people are regretting for being treated with the wrong liposuction technique which made them psychologically weak as well.

If you need revision, normally there are two main reasons. It is the case that either the fat is removed too much or the fat is not completely removed. For these two reasons, the surface will eventually become rugged and need to be re-operated.

Acusculp and Body tight used in Lifting Liposuction in Change Clinic are excellent for flattening adipocytes and fibrous tissues which make the surface uneven, because it dissolves hard fat cells.

I have been working on the revision liposuction case from almost every hospitals that are famous for liposuction for more than 10 years. Liposuction revision surgery can be corrected at one time, but in many cases its not possible to correct everything at once. However, We do our best to heal even psychology of patients through effective operations.

Change’s Revisional Liposuction

“ Lifting liposuction ”



Laser Melt fat

wiith the Acornia laser!


Make it soft with Acusculp!

Body Tight

Make your face and body elastic

with Body tight!


Revisional Liposuction Surgery

“ Why it must be Change clinic “


Doctors who teach


do surgery directly.

Hospital possessing

safety and good results

with 10 years of

surgical team

An honest hospital

where the patient

can check the extracted

pure fat after surgery

Dual laser

trademark registration

and technology

Customized to



care programmes.