Liposuction – Smart Beauty Guide

                       01. Story of Befor Surgery


I knew I got weight, but I truely relized that I looked terrible when I took pics, I was shocked.

I looked really chubby, even through I wore jeans. Can you imagine how terrible was I?

I had never thought that I needed liposuction before, but anyway I decided to have the liposuction finally.


                   02. DAY1 After Surgery


Doctor told me before surgery, we cannot expect to remove much fat from my body, and after surgery I heard that 500cc of fat from my back thigh, 350cc fat front thigh and 850cc fat hip were removed, I was a bit disappointed.

There was nothing I can do, but anyway doctor did his best for me and my safety.

I needed to go on a diet for the best result!

                   03. DAY4 After Surgery


I thought same pose will be better to compare my condition and progress, so I preferred to take a photo with a same position.

You can see bruise and design marks still there, but no worry, they are gonna be disappeared.

I did not feel much pain and free to jump, also I feel like less cellulite than before.

                   04. DAY7 After Surgery


Stitch removed and got high frequancy treatment, it was good 🙂

Actually, I had been wearing compression garment for better result, someone said it is really uncomfortable to wear, I know, but I was trying to wear the garment.

Also, regularly, I tried to massage the area as after care while I was watching TV or taking a rest.

I try my best for the best result!

                   05. DAY30 After Surgery

It has been a month after surgery, my after care/treatme has been done 4times already.

I went to clinic and had Endermology treatment.

Actually, high frequency treatment was warm and made me feel better, but the Endermology was painful. However, as I know it was helpful for the cellulite removal!

I feel, the garment is loosing now and I can see some effect.

When I wear my cloth, the line looks much better.

As I feel I look better now, I do not want to eat much as before, and desire to be more slim.

However, I won't rush, just think and do something slowly.

I so much appreciate to doctor Change and staff at Change Clinic.