Witch Injection

PRP and collagen synergy helps regenerate the skin and the injected collagen gives elasticity and volume which enhances the skin tone. As time passes, a large amount of growth factors of PRP accumulate in the collagen, Elastin, and hyaluronic acid to make permanent, fundamental skin remodeling possible from the dermis layer.


Characteristics of Witch Injections


  1. It is natural but powerful.

The combination of autologous blood growth factor and pure collagen synergistically works to show a natural but powerful regeneration effect.


2. It lasts more than one year.

Collagen is replenished from the skin and growth factors stimulate skin regeneration, enabling fundamental and continuous skin remodeling.


3. No worries about side effects.

Biocompatible collagen is used to remove defects, so there is no worry about side effects on implants and foreign substances.


4. KFDA, Europe CE approved.

This product has been proved to be stable in Korea and in Korea.

Witch Injection Application Area


Precautions After Procedure

  • Apply ice immediately after the procedure!
  • Swelling or bruising may occur after the procedure. Most will disappear within a day or two.
  • Do not drink, sauna, or exercise for 2 ~ 3 days after the procedure.
  • Please avoid pressure of injection area
  • If redness, itchiness, or other changes occur, please visit us immediately!
  • Makeups can be applied the day after procedure, however, be light with it
  • You can go back to ordinary routing after 3 days