Restylane Products

Global Brand Restylane® is recognized as a luxury filler which is used by people all over the world. Restylane is a safe and effective product.

Total Care System

Originated from the patented technology, NASHA™, it is used in skin care’s 3 steps Total Line as filler,

skin booster, and skin care with its revolutionary new syringe style simple and stable procedure.


HA Filler first approved in Europe

CE (1996) and US FDA (2003)

Customized with tissue tailored concept according to the purpose of the skin tissue

Effective for 36 months with only 2 re-procedures, approximately 36-63% reduced capacity of first dose for reoperation

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Restylane Petit Forehead

A round and thick forehead! A natural and beautiful forehead can be obtained with the facial contour special filler Restylane which forms a definite volume.

Restylane Petit Nobles

With 10 minutes of simple procedures, the wrinkles on wrists can be completely removed! You can see Botox effect with new technique of Restylane only with Restylane petit nobles which gives the face a three-dimensional feeling of the whole face.


Restyling Petit Charm

If you have thick skin under your eyes, you will be as sharp as a celebrity which entails your impression to be soft and young.

Restylane Petit Lips

If your lips are too thin or out of focus, you can have a sexy lips like the beautiful Angelina Jolie with Restylane petit lips procedure.


Restylane Petit Eye

When you are getting tired, depressed, and getting older, you can quickly fix it with the Restynthetic Petit Eye procedure.

Restylane Petit Chin

Dental orthodontics and autologous fat injection are painful procedures! Simply turn into a V lined chin with Restylane petit chin in 10 minutes.