What is Elancee?

Elancee is a premium filler that has more than two years of wrinkles and resilience improvement effect, with instant effects that are different from regular fillers. It has been clinically proven by FDA and KFDA for polycarprolactone (PCL) using a new material to stimulate collagen production by stimulating the wrinkles and elasticity. It is safe because it is completely decomposed and absorbed by water and carbon dioxide after 2 years.


  Elancee characteristics

  1. Effects are immediate after procedure. Volume declines after 3 weeks, however, increases back up after 5 weeks.
  2. Duration period is over 2 years and volume is maintained for a long period of time.
  3. Collagen production and stimulation of the skin makes the skin more lively and elastic.
  4. With clinically proven PCL ingredient by the FDA, it completely degrades and absorbs in the body.

Elancee Effects

Elancee maximizes the production of Type 1 collagen as well as Type 3 collagen, a skin elasticity collagen.


9 months after Elancee M procedure

Even after 9 months of treatment, we can see that the white PCL is maintained and collagen is produced in red color.

Elancee M - After 9 months of treatment (polarized picture)

Type 1 collagen (red part →) and type 3 (green part ▶) are generated.

After 21 months of Elance M procedure (polarized picture)

Compared with 9 months after the operation, the space where the PCL was kept is maintained and the volume is confirmed to be maintained. It also shows a marked increase in the production of Type 1 collagen, the source of skin elasticity.

Unlike traditional fillers that decrease in volume over time, Elance shows dimensional continuity.


                            Elancee Treatment



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