What is Synchro Fat Melting?

Synchro lipolysis is the treatment of obesity and skin by using thermal energy.

Ceramic contact with the skin causes active electronic activity, which increases tissue temperature and activates blood circulation. This causes the subcutaneous fat to dissolve and the elastin collagen fibers deep into the deep. Through these actions, fat cells are degraded and released, and skin regeneration is promoted.

Synchro fat melting is effective for obesity, skin treatment as well as body lifting. In addition to this, unlike conventional lipolysis, heat energy penetrates deeply into the deep, so you can get rid of visceral fat that threatens your health.




- Eliminate partial obesity by decomposing cellulite

- Depth deep action, excreted visceral fat in vitro, promote metabolism

- Post-care after liposuction and plastic surgery

- Post care after breast molding






- Acne scar and purulent acne treatment

- Face, body lifting due to elastin collagen fiber regeneration

- Face contour reduction

- Improved hormone secretion to relieve skin troubles

                              Before And After