breast re-augmentation



When you need

Breast Re-Augmentation!!


  • Dissatisfaction of the shape, size or the feelings in breast augmentation
  • Wanting to change to other breast implant
  • When the breast implant is leaky or burst
  • When the breast implant has moved upside down
  • When the capsular contracture appeared and when the breast implant has to be removed

Cause of re-breast Augmentation Surgery


Breast Augmentations Characteristic of breast implant replacement


1. It absolutely improves self-esteem and beauty at once!

Women who are daunted because of their breast can get self-esteem. Women, who have problems considered in pregnancy, give birth and breast-feeding can be completed with beauty.


2. Precise surgery using endoscope

It is more precise than tradition surgery and the surgery can be in more detail than ever which will have higher satisfaction. Through endoscope, it can analyze and remove the muscle structure accurately. It will have a lack of blood vessels and nerve damage which the nipple can sense including the breast is almost preserved.


3. Minimal incision minimizes pain

The surgery is performed through the first surgical site, and other parts are not incised. Small incisions can be used for exquisite procedures. Pain is minimized and the recovery period is fast since the uncomfortable blood bag doesn’t have to be worn.


4. Ease to manage after surgery

Due to precise and smooth removal of breast augmentation, there is less pain and it is easy to manage.