What is Mint lifting?

Mint Lift is a Polydioxanone (PDO) chamber for minimally invasive facial tissue fixation that is approved by the FDA and MFDS of the United States. Removing stubborn balls and deep wrinkles can lift the entire face, and minimally invasive procedures simplify the procedure and make it easier to return to daily life because it does not scar.

Mint Lift is the most advanced 4th generation lifting PDO room manufactured by patented molding method and shows powerful effect not seen in existing lifting room.


The patented molding method, Super Barb, is firmly fixed to the skin tissue, giving a certain lifting effect.


Strong bearing capacity

MINT adopts USP 1-0 size (diameter 0.40mm) for more powerful lifting effect. In addition, the thickness of the thread is kept constant by special molding, so the lifting duration is improved because it is not broken well.




Special feature


Have you checked the lifting room you are currently using?

  • 1 Is it a product not only from Korea but also from US FDA approval?
  • 2 Is the product approved for lifting in Korea?
  • 3 Is the product with clinical data for validation for lifting?
  • 4 Is it a patented cobbing mold?
  • 5 Is it a product that lasts for more than one year?
  • 6 Are all patients and doctors satisfied at least 90% after the procedure?
  • 7 Is it a safe product produced in facilities that have received both domestic GMP and overseas ISO certification?
  • 7 Is it an authorized product for use in more than 20 countries
    around the world?

Mint lifting effect


Before & After Mint lifting