What is Face Tite?

With the latest liposuction equipment, Face tite confirms the effect of fat dissolving, suction and skin tightening all at once. It is the first treatment in the world to deliver high frequency through internal and external electrodes, thus dramatically complementing the deflection of skin.

In addition, temperature, resistance, and power control are continuously checked, and the procedure is performed safely. Due to the blood vessels coagulating during the procedure, bruising, edema and bleeding are minimized and the recovery period is quick after the procedure.

Subtle treatments can be performed safely with Face tite, which allows you to perform procedures on the loose chin, so you can restore the elasticity of your lost skin while saving your hidden face line.




Features of Face tite

1 Reduction of risk by local anesthesia

2 Minimizing of bruising, swelling and bleeding after surgery

3 Tightening effect through soft tissue and skin contraction!

4 Sophisticated procedures & quick recovery effect!

5 Minimal scarring with minimal incision

Traditional Liposuction & Acusculp & Face Tite

Skin Contraction Pictures Before and After Procedure


Collagen picture before procedure

It can be seen that a bunch of collagen

has been stuck together after the procedure

                     Before And After