What is Erchonia Laser Liposuction?

In the past, Liposuction used to leave a lot of bruise and swellings and uneven skin after the surgery.

Low-Level-Laser at Erchonia Company, which is developed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Neira and that is approved by FDA. It helps to recover faster with the less pain, bruise, and swelling after surgery. It is the equipment that improved by reducing the side effects of liposuction more than 95%.


Erchonia laser easily dissolve and remove fat, also its takes very less time to start the process.






Feature of Erchonia Laser Liposuction 

  • Not too much swelling, pain or bruise, no inconvenience after surgery
  • Free to have a daily life quickly after surgery
  • Prevent uneven skin after surgery
  • The symptom of dark skin color appeared less than 0.1%
  • Massive amount of fat can be removed which is, 5L, no side effect and totally safe procedure.