What is Dual Laser Facial Contraction?

Just by removing fat, the shape of the face such as thick bows, sagging bows, hidden jaw lines, and double chin can bring about a lot of changes. Facial fat removal is a procedure that can be done easily because the pain is scarce and the recovery is rapid and swelling is removed in 2 ~ 3 days.

In particular, dual laser treatment is a highly satisfactory where effective treatment is possible due to the effect of improving the elasticity of the skin, which is not seen in conventional liposuction, and a large amount of liposuction, when the treatment is performed on the face area.

The remarkable effect of dual laser treatment was announced by Dr. Chang, Dooyeol of Change Clinic at the Domestic and International Aesthetics Society.

The two lasers used in face reduction work differently.

The Acordia laser dissolves the fat to make it less painful after surgery with less swelling.

Aculift gives your face a firm and supple skin after surgery.


The dual laser facial contraction of Change Clinic not only allows daily life on the very next day of surgery, The effect is even better, and the procedure is changing the poor perception of liposuction.





Special Features of dual laser facial contraction


1. After the operation is painful, it is possible to do everyday life the next day.

2. You can check the changed face contour promptly after procedure.

3. There are few bruises and edema.

4. As the skin elasticity enhances, you can feel the effect of lifting the face.

After 5 hours, you can feel the long face line.