What is Accusculpt Laser Liposuction ?

Accusculpt is combined word which is accurate + sculpt. It is the newest equipment, which is totally safe and delicate, and it is used for laser treatment to sculpt the fat cell

It is the world’s first laser equipment which is applied with 1444nm wavelength. This is highly absorbed by the water and fat.

In addition, it could be worked for fat only, and it makes no damage to around tissue and no bleeding. Accusculpt is very delicate for each tiny part and well effective, also helpful for skin elasticity by collagen stimulation.










  1. Elaborate procedure brings the best result
  2. No damage to  tissue and no bleeding by various experiences
  3. All the body part procedure are possible
  4. Perfect result with the other procedures together
  5. Skin elasticity at the same time
  6. Makes Complete perfect body and facial line

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