Body Fat Analyzer

Body fat analyzer is equipment which is able to exactly assort body component and check about fat and its condition on your abdominal, thigh, arm, flank and back.



Existing machine uses 1064mm, 1320mm laser, but Accusculpt is high satisfied with fat dissolution affect and possible small part fat suction by 1444mm high wavelength laser. It is totally safe and high functional. Delicate design is also possible through guide beam.


Body Tight

Body thigt is safe liposuction equipment, which uses FRAL, and help to supplement about skin sagging by high frequency through internal/external electrode. Also it can be consistently checked about temperature, control of power and deep.


Slim Lift

Slim lift is a Nd YAG laser machine which makes 1064mm and 1320mm wavelength. It destroys a fat cell through a tubule and the heat, made from the laser, accelerates collagen synthesis and helps for skin elasticity.


Erchonia Laser

Erchonia laser is diode laser which has 635mm wavelength. It helps to discharge your fat to make whole inside fat cell membrane. In addition, it is approved by FDA for fast tissue recovery.


Ultrasonic Waves Lipolysis Equipment

Ultrasonic wave for lipolysis breaks down a hard fat fiber. It divides fat globule inside the fat cell and increases osmotic force to discharge the disaggregated globule to lymph circulating system. In addition, it affects capillary for better skin condition which reduces wrinkles.


High Frequency Muscle Coagulator

High frequency muscle coagulator coagulates muscle as using heat by high frequency. The coagulated muscle is getting absorbed through lymphatic system, and the amount of muscle will grow down. It is used for a wide angle of the jaw because of a muscle of mastication.


High Frequency Neurotomy Equipment

This is arranged by function of nerve search and nerve cell coagulation. Search the nerve on the calf is the most important to neurotomy technique, and Dr. Chang Doo Yeoul involved to develop the equipment based on his dissertation. The searched nerved is blocked by heat coagulation.


Machine For Fat Grafting

Change clinic uses laser and special equipment for fat grafting. It is able to suck the fat by constant pressure and divide a fat cell by an exact same speed of revolution. These make high rate of fat engraftment rate, which is the most important for the fat grafting, after the procedure.


LPG Endermology

LPG endermology gives technical stimulation using positive and sound pressure. The stimulated skin is accelerated collagen synthesis and fibered cellulite become smooth. Therefore, this is used for liposuction after care equipment as well.


Skin Tonic

Skin tonic is a decompression treatment equipment which is able to combine with body type injection therapy for partial treatment or use liposuction after care machine.


High Frequency Core Superheater

Recover the skin elasticity by using heat from the high frequency, and help to re-generate the tissue by increasing amount of blood. It is possible to be used for all the area on your body and face to recover the elasticity.



IPR is equipment which treats obesity and skin by heat energy and it can be used as a liposuction after care machine.


Ultrasonic Scanning Apparatus E-CUBE 0

E-CUBE 0, is an ultrasonic scanning apparatus, is completed by ALPINION Acourstc signal technique which seeks a clear image and perfect ultrasonic performance.