When you need mastopexy from elasticity breast!!


  • When the volume of the breast is smaller depending on the body shape
  • When the volume of the breast is excessively large and saggy
  • When the elasticity of the breast lose tightness due to a sudden diet
  • When the severe mastoptosis due to pregnancy and childbirth
  • When the tissue is stretched with loss of tightness due to aging




Diagnosis of Sagging Breast

Stage A Mastoptosis

The nipple is located underneath breast less than 1cm from the line.


Stage B Mastoptosis

The nipple is located about 1~2cm from the line underneath the breast, but remains above the lowest tissue.


Stage C Mastoptosis

The nipple is facing downward because it is drooped more than 3cm from the line underneath the breast.



Surgical method according to incision site


Circumferential Incision Method

Incise the circumference of the areola and it will be hidden to the line of the areola and it may leave minor scarring after the operation. In average, it is effective on large breast with saggy breast. The circumference of the areola has to be more than 4cm.



It can reduce the oversized and saggy breast be tightened naturally.

During the operation, it has less bleeding with fast recovery and leaves a minor scarring.

Vertical incision

After incising the areola, incise vertically underneath the areola by 4~5cm. It can be applied to almost all types of breast surgery method developed by complementing the disadvantage of the ‘O shaped incision and the limitation of the reduction of the breast.



The most common surgical procedures

Breast feeding is possible and nipple sensation can be preserved

Areola incision/‘O’ shaped incision

It is a surgery method which is incised in ‘O’ shaped from top of the areola and underneath wrinkled line of the breast. This method is to reduce a lot of amount of over-sized breast and severely saggy breast. It can reduce the amount of skin and mammary gland tissue and raise the position of the nipple facing downwards.



It is effective on over-sized breast

Case of severe saggy breast