The laser has been approved by many clinical trials and the laser is used for scar treatment. It is excellent for treating a deep scar which was difficult to be treated before. There are two steps of treatment by using an ultrasound to penetrate deep into the skin to activate skin regeneration. The bunched up fibrous tissue in the scar tissue are relocated and the drug will penetrate deeply. It will maximize the regenerative power of the skin and it can heal in short time. Not only the treatment is effect but also the treatment time is short and the side effects are rear. It is the most recommended equipment for scar treatment.




It reinforces the delivery of drugs and catalyzes tissue distribution. The drug applied to the surface of the skin is transferred to the deep part of the dermis layer which the skin is regenerated and the collagen production can be activated. This can be used by pushing in the skin with the impact mode ultrasonic head.  The recovery can be quick.



A low level beam is examined using a unique light based which is called ‘Photo-Sequencing’. ‘Photo-Sequencing’ is a light-tuning method is which 590nm of microlight power is pre-irradiated onto the skin’s skin layer and then a strong near infrared (near-IR) wavelength of 830nm is penetrated deeply into the skin. This machine is effective on various types of wound healing, skin reproduction, pain relief, etc. There is no side effects, no pain and the recovery period doesn’t need specifically. The diseased cells can be recovered quickly and it helps the cellular multiplication and increases the effect.