When Breast Augment with 

Breast Fat Grafting is needed!!


  • When there are lots of fat cells in thighs or abdomen and wanting to have an enlarged breast
  • When the breast is undersized depending on the body
  • If the patient is uncomfortable about the implants procedure
  • When the patient wants to have enlarged breast with no scar left
  • Due to a sudden diet, the breast have reduced



                 Characteristics of Breast Augment with Breast Fat Grafting


Breast Augments with Breast Fat Grafting Q&A



Q. Can the breast size be enlarged with fat grafting?

Small breast can’t be enlarged at once like implants but whoever wants to have a large breast from what you have now can be worked.



Q. If there is lots of fat harvested, can I have a larger breast at once?

We have to graft the fat depending on individual types of body. If it’s needed more, it is possible to graft the fat if it is viable from the 1st stage. If the breast fat grafting is completely absorbed, then the breast will be enlarged to allow a space for new fat grafting and the 2nd stage can be done as a 1st stage.



Q. Can you see the surgical scar?

Generally, implants are inserted through the armpit and have to be incised minimum of 3~5cm. However, for breast fat grafting, it is injected in the line along the breast about 2mm which is about a whole size of a needle. So there is no worry about the surgical scar.



Q. After breast fat grafting, do I have to be taken care like implants and wear body shaping underwear?

After breast fat grafting, you don’t have to wear a body shaping underwear. For breast implant, the major problem would be capsular contracture but for breast fat grafting, there is no special management.