Change Information

Change Clinic is always thinking on the position of customers and trying more to be the best clinic.

Liposuction result SMS service

We send photo SMS about honest Result of Chang’ liposuction

How to check your liposuction result
  • Check a total fat amount of suction
  • Check blood amount which includes impurities
  • Check pure fat amount of suction

Special scar care after surgery

We use a high technique of machine for scar caring You don’t have to worry about the scar

Night consultation & treatment

Busy office worker or student Can visit anytime

Night care and consultation


AM 10:00 - PM 8:30

AM 10:00 - PM 7:00

AM 10:00 - PM 5:00

Valet parking service

You feel tired to park a car? We provide you a valet parking system in front of our building.

Limousine & Hotel Service

We provide you a limousine service To your hotel

  • For patient who lives in a local city ·
  • For patient who wants secret operation ·
  • For patient who hardly recovers at home