By using an endoscope, the exact pocket has to be completed and the muscles and tissues can be seen directly by using a high quality endoscope and it will not touch the blood vessels which will reduce the pain and the bleeding.

By using the Cogel safety injector, insert the breast implant without touching them by hand. From the existing method, there was a high possibility of damage due to inserting the breast implant by hands; however in Change we use Cogel safety injector. And by using Cogel, it can be implanted very safely and quickly.

There are fewer problems comparing with general anesthesia caused by surgical anesthesia. It is safe with no burden. There are no worries about waking up during the surgery and the surgery time has shortened which will make the operation fast.

Dr. Doo-Yeol Jang, who is a representative director of a clinic (Former President of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine), has many experiences in the clinic with know-how about body types. Not only that, he is taking responsibility of direct consultation, surgery and post-operative.