What is body Tite in skin tightening?


Body Tite is a liposuction device using Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (FRAL), a technology that has complemented the disadvantages of liposuction. Body Tite is the most modernized liposuction technique for skin tightening, which involves coagulation of blood vessels, liquefaction of fat and skin tightening.



It is the world first treatment method to supplement skin sagging by high frequency through ex/internal electrode. Skin tightening is a totally safe method for liposuction which can be checked about temperature, shape, deep and power control during procedure.

Because of local anesthesia, the risk of general anesthesia is reduced and bruising, swelling, and bleeding after surgery are minimized. High frequency is used for soft tissue, and tightening effect for skin contraction is excellent. The recovery rate is significantly faster than others, and minimal incision ensures minimal scarring.

You can see the dramatic effects with a single operation, and you can also perform various operations such as abdomen, thigh, arm, buttocks, etc. at the same time through elaborate procedures. Fat, blood vessels and fibrous tissue contracts, and the dissolved fat is released from the body through the inner electrode. High-frequency current is controlled based on real-time measurements of skin temperature and tissue resistance. Controlled heat is delivered directly through the external electrode, so it can be safely performed because it does not affect the muscles or the outside of the procedure site. Immediate shrinkage occurs due to thermal contraction of the fibrous diaphragm and dermal layer collagen, and continuous improvement can be achieved over a period of six months. Changes in the procedure stageYou can see that septae and fat chamber are reduced by high frequency (RF) heat.


Procedure of Skin Tightening

Before & After of Skin Tightening