What is Ulcera?

Ulcera is a procedure that uses ultrasound to create collagen.

In the wounds caused by the heat created by using Ulcera, the natural immune response of our body, wound healing reaction occurs and collagen is regenerated. When the collagen is regenerated, various effects such as pore & wrinkle improvement, scar treatment, lifting are followed. When shot at a depth of 4.5 mm from the skin, high heat of 55 to 70 degrees occurs in skin connective tissues containing SMAS, resulting in heat injury. The ultrasound turns into a hot body, but the skin contact area is not hot.

The analogy is like the principle of collecting solar heat in a convex lens and lighting a black paper.




The only device that affects the 1-pole membrane layer to the lower dermal layer

  • Re-arrangement of dermal layer after regenerating collagen
  • High-strength direct ultrasonic method realizes lifting
  • Everyday life possible & continuous effect after 4 procedures
  • Same as facial elevation without knife, natural lifting effect



Who Needs Ulcera



Ulcera Effects