What is a Silhouette soft?

Silhouette soft is a non-surgical method using PLA-specific medical room which is disintegrated in the body. It loses its elasticity by the facial contour volume procedure. It re-constructs the skin layer by putting the cone-shaped thread into the stubborn skin, This is a procedure that can be modeled. In addition, the cone-shaped components and the components of the Glycolic copolymer are the only procedures that produce collagen in the leaves. This procedure produces the best collagen by inducing the collagen present in the leaves.


General Thread Lifting

You may feel nervous stimulation or unnaturalness

when changing the facial expression of the scissors fixed on the thread.

Silhouette Soft

Cone can move between the knot and knot

during the procedure, and it is positioned

at the most optimized skin position after the

procedure, and it shows natural facial

expression without nerve stimulation when

changing the facial expression.

The 360 ​​degree Cone shows high skin firmness.

Cone on smooth surface has less skin irritation and less pain, bruising.


                   Silhouette Soft Features



Patented Cone technology from overseas

Silhouette Soft is a product approved for fixed facial tissue. (A large number of PDO products are permitted as sutures.)

Offers customized facelines with patented Cone technology and PLA ingredients to promote collagen production.

No Coloring

The material of general thread lifting is absorbed in the body after treatment, but the silhouette soft is transparent and there is no pigment.


Silhouette soft VS Original thread, the lifting difference

  • The ingredients of the product produce collagen in the body, which is natural for a long time (1 year and 6 months).
  • The existing thread lifting is merely a pull function, but the silhouette software can pull the skin tissue according to the individual's face structure
  • It can also be remodeled with a new face by restoring skin damage caused by aging to 20's.
  • The patented cone-shaped cone moves at regular intervals and is much more natural and pain-free than the existing lifting procedure when changing the look.
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