What is Fat Transplantation?

Fat transplantation is an operation that sucks fat from part where there is excess fat and injected in your own body to replenish fat deficiency. Because of the use of their own fat, there is little concern about side effects. After surgery, recovery is very quick and easy.






    Features of Fat Transplantation

  • It makes a delicate and smooth face contour.
  • Because fat is from the own body, there is negligible foreign body reaction.
  • It is possible to change to a three-dimensional face by utilizing the volume of the deficit part.
  • You can feel the improvement of the wrinkles and elasticity with the volume of the face.



Fat Transplant Surgery Method



     Change Clinic Fat transplantation is good for the people below!

  • When the expense is a big pressure
  • Correction of open forehead, narrow forehead, scar is needed
  • All wrinkles such as under-eyes, eyes, forehead, neck, lips
  • If you want to have a three-dimensional volume sense such as thin balls, extruded clowns, chin, short jaws, asymmetric faces, etc.
  • Calibration of lips such as thin lips and asymmetric lips
  • When raising a low nose
  • When the face is bent due to ageing phenomenon and when you want to make a face as a whole

Before and After Surgery

  • It is recommended not to drink alcohol and smoke for 2 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Please tell us if you have any medications you are taking before your operation.
  • It is recommended to have comfortable clothes and hats on the day of surgery.
  • It is recommended to take a rest at home on the day of surgery.
  • Avoid excessive massage or meridian after surgery.
  • Keeping your head high for one week after surgery will help reduce swelling.