What is Hermes Lifting?

Hermes Lifting is a new concept device that improves clear and transparent skin tone while lifting using NIR (Near Infrared) orange laser which is effective for collagen regeneration in skin.

NIR (Near-InfraRed) module is a device that gives the skin a warm feeling (45 ~ 50 ℃) to obtain a biochemical effect. It penetrates deeply into the dermis 2 ~ 4mm deep while minimising epidermis absorption. For best results, you can choose between In motion (stroking & moving) and Micro pulse (staking pulse) methods.



     Advantages of Hermes Lifting

  • It does not require any anaesthesia and takes 10 minutes to perform
  • There is no pain after the procedure, no risk of infection nor any swellings or bruises.
  • It is effective not only for lifting but also skin tone improvement effect.


Hermes lifting effect

Hermes lifting, improves wrinkles, dullness, scars, all at once together!

Targeted to the surface of the skin, the laser is immediately irradiated, but penetrates deep without damaging the skin, activating collagen production, improving wrinkles, lifting, acne scars, pigment diseases and elasticity.